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stadig sovs mellem fingrene / gravy constantly between the fingers

Is a stage installation consisting of elements, picture manipulation and ready-mades collected from the more contemporary media such as newspapers, historical yearbooks and books of fiction.
The installation contains collections and categorisations of both historical and contemporary material, where the overriding pivotal point is the self-perception of the sexes in relation to the historiographical account of gender, both male as well as female.
Today the tendency is to only attach gender to the female sex; whilst simultaneously there is so much talk of equality and how it should comply. 
Part of the work will be a staged puppet theatre where the possibility of interacting with the theatre is allowed. As a spectator you are invited to stage your own scenery with the contemporary figures that are cut out and pasted onto padded cardboard. The theatre directs its focus on the playful; on innocence and naïvety as opposed to the manipulated, edited and established view of gender and its roles. At the eternal crossroads between fiction and fact, the flat figures and interchangeable scenery illuminate the acting, underlining the selection and manipulation of the figures' reciprocal relationship, and awaken both recognition and displacement in the spectator.

The video: Chapters from tales about gravy between the fingers forms part of the installation. I have invited a number of people to choose cut outs/figures from the daily newspapers as a supplement to my selection of figures. Afterwards they will be invited to interract with the theatre and the figures. At the same time they explain why they believe that their figures tell important stories of gender and construction. In this way references and displacement will crop up between the video and the theatre in the installation.

With the title Gravy constantly between the fingers I refer to the fact that no-one can escape from the gravy - the convention, tradition and the expectation. Gravy also refers to the contrived, the cultivated, and the fluidity that can end up on your hands and over everyone and everything.

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti