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The remains - in other words

A poster with the text: "Are we unique, or do we merely stand alone", creates the framework of the installation The remains - in other words. The poster text is constructed of cut-out words from contemporary newspapers, which are put together in a kind of inverse threatening letter and enlarged into a poster. The poster lay gratis in the exhibition and was hung up in the KelleR area, Børkop and in the libraries of the Vejle, Kolding and Fredericia areas.
Installed in a corner was a 4x4 meter large spider's web/network consisting of newspaper strips. On a table lies cut-out words which the spectator can move around like a different kind of scrabble game.
On KelleR - CEK I sat for almost a week cutting out new pieces of paper from the daily newspapers in an arrangement around a table full of newspapers and cutting tools. Here the visitors are invited to participate alongside.

To a high extent, both in headlines and narrative, the press form a certain power factor in relation to the passing on, categorising and construction of our interpretation of reality and each other.
The installation addresses KelleR's historical context which has been a home and a residence for the physically and mentally handicapped.
A question mark is raised over who remains in a network culture and how we use our relations in the contemporary world. How large is our capaciousness in relation to the deviant?

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti