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New gÆkke letters, agreements on comparison

The installation consists of 4 parts
-A double mirrored text cut-out of newspapers which states :
"It is all about seeing, It is all about seeing it from the right viewpoint".
-Another part is rolls of sandpaper with, for example, the text: "to smooth your edges"
-The third part is gække letters and collages cut out of contemporary newspapers.
-Together with a pile of remains from the cut-out gække letters and texts.

Gække letters - anonymous letters sent at Easter with a snowdrop in them, the receivers being asked to guess the senders' identity - are not anonymous anyway, because I am the sender and have made them. But they attempt to chat about anonymity and give space for the spectator's reflection regarding whom the sender and recipient are.
The cut-out words from the gække letters are mirrored because they are folded and cut-out, just like the large text made by the cut-outs from newspapers that are reflected in 4 directions, though the 2 text sections end differently, creating an oblique twist in the reflection.
In any reflection a uniformity appears and yet, simultaneously, a displacement.
Rhetoric in the media is both fascinating and frightening at the same time. It attempts to mirror the contemporary world, but we exert descriptive power every time we re-tell something, make selections as to which pictures and text should represent what.
I aim to discuss the paradox between freedom of speech and the respect for dissimilarity. It is dangerous when one begins to argue politically using one's religion and by the same token it is dangerous when one begins to compare democracy.  

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti