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Let’s share the cake

An art project under rum46´s feast/ Hospitality project, Part One: The Invitation.
- Hanging flags and moveable flags which requests coexistence.

In Denmark one often use the national Danish flag at celebrations and festive days.
Around about Århus city one could in April 2003 run into a number of small flags in the urban space, witch single individual could meet by coincidence, as they where placed on spaces where one normally don’t expect flags. (At bus stops, hanging in trees or by the central reserve).
On the flags there where statement which on different ways questioned what we normally flag for in Denmark and how our hospitality shows in the common public space and society.
Whit this requests I hope on reflection on our - the west wealth contra the poorness of the developing countries. I requested also the passing by to take the flags whit them and place them on other places ex where they mean the ceilings could be a little higher.

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti