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history on history

The Installation is installed in 2 rooms. The one room consist of 2 big columns of stacked, bonded historic yearbook stretch from the floor to the ceiling, a circle of (masculine) handshakes and on the wall lots of demonstrations pictures, where the slogan is cutten away. In the other room there are a lot of old historical books, which are installed around some shelves. In many of the books there are out cutted figures, whits are folded out, so they are standing out/up from the surface. Hereby there arises new layers and space between the surface the figure and the negative room the figure leaves. Together they create a 3 dimensional, chaotic miniature scene. Where other stories, than the already told from the books can appear. In the book you only see one representation of the course of events. With this scenic way I try to underline the construction of history.

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti