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Is a scenic installation with elements of image enlargement and reduction, originating from contemporary media, primarily newspapers' interpretation of reality. A large spider's web made of newspaper strips dominates the room. On the walls hang posters, which are enlarged "inverse" threatening letters, for example with the text : "Could curiosity be the best cure for fear?"
They are made of sentences created from cut-out words and text pieces from newspapers, in black, yellowish colours.
Well known contemporary persons appear together as flat and moveable scenery, as figures who appeal to the play and intervention between figure and spectator.
Cut-outs of "winners" form a circle where their reverse sides are turned towards the spectator, and their front sides are turned inwards. The flat figures and changeable scenery point out and make conspicuous the choices and dissimulated objectivity in the selection and publishing practices of the media.  

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti