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8541 Skødstrup - looking for satelites, Skødstrup, DK, a sitespecific project in the arear of Skødstrup nearby Aarhus
Huset På Vrangen (re: The House Turned Inside-Out) – Retell the common’ based in an allotment in Aarhus and dealing broadly with the concept of the common, in co. with Lise Skou.
Lad det ske, participatory decoration of a PLC, Højvangsskolen, DK

Ud over kanten/Over the edge, Public intervention in front of the City Hall, Aarhus, DK
tilVALG! public poster intervention in Aarhus and Copenhagen. A project linked and inspired by the specific political event the Danish national election, 2011
For Livet/For The Life, Rigshospitalet DK, Læger uden grænser/ medecins sans frontieres, world hiv and aids day, marking the 30 anniversary of researchers found HIV-virus


tilvalgtilVALG! Aarhus, 2011


Speak up in the hood, release on the 5. th.onging numbers (Århus, Chicago, Istanbul, ) co. with Grete Aagaard, DK (2012)
Release på publikationen tilVALG!, red. Bonnie Fortune / TrykTrykTryk and Tanja Nellemann Poulsen / rum46. (2012)

Dansk for hele verden/ danish for the hole world. Grundbog i dansk for udlændinge/Text book in danish for foreigners, red. by Mary Coble and Louise Wolters.(2011)
Blandt ord og billed,The first antology in danish about the relationship between literature and visual art by Claus Hanberg and Johanne Løgstrup.(2011)
Kunst i udsatte boligområder/Art in ‘exposed’ residential areas. Institut for fremtidsforskning/Institute for Future Studies - Socialministeriet/
Ministry for Social Affairs, in danish: (2011)

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History on History by Tanja Nellemann - web: Anders Visti