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Tanja Nellemann Poulsen (DK)
RETELLING History – The Descriptive Power, installation, 2006

tekst fra howtodothings.net:
"In the installation Retelling History – The Descriptive Power I will use readymades – books illustrating historical events from collective history writing as well as contemporary newspapers collected in Berlin and other locations – to make a miniature installation of manipulated and changed events from the past in the form of pop-up sceneries. In addition, I will make a video that includes interviews about our way of narrating stories about Europe and, specifically, Germany’s role within Europe.
Another part of the video will be more fictive, playing with the figures that appear in the installation. By mixing fiction and events from the past, and by not hiding my mistakes and unjust standards, I am attempting to emphasize that our generally accepted history and way of narrating so-called facts about history are not universal and objective. But rather, every attempt to recount history will inevitably be constructed and its reception subjective.
I am interested in the paradox in the adopted objective, in the collective writing of history, which, from my point of view, has always been subjective. Nevertheless, there will always be selective focus and perspectives that reflect power, standards, and the political landscape. It can be referred to as the descriptive power, as we are all part of it, consciously or unconsciously.
Paradoxically, the media can be the binding element in a community and, at the same time, the culprit of a simplification that misrepresents and distorts reality in its lack of differentiation."
Tanja Nellemann Poulsen

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